• Sneak Guard locking storage/humiditry control container

The SneakGuard CombiFresh takes the stash container to a whole new level by integrating security, safety and freshness into a single locking, air-tight, vacuum sealed, humidity regulated  storage device.

From a safety perspective, SneakGuard protects your product by harmful mold and bacteria, while also guarding you and your loved ones from accidental discovery, access and ingestion – and you against unwanted discovery and theft.

Beyond safety and security, SneakGuard keeps your plant material, edibles and other products fresh, which translates into maximum potency and great taste for much longer than what you will get using a more traditional stash container like a plastic bag or a mason jar. Stainless steel and high-density plastic construction keeps contents hidden from sight. Built-in-vacuum sealing system, dual airtight seals and double insulated storage environment seal odors in. Sturdy, resettable four-digit locking mechanism keeps your smoking materials in, and unauthorized hands out.


Of all environmental factors, light exposure has the biggest impact on the potency the potency of your herbs, making mason jars and baggies a particularly poor storage choice.

SneakGuard, is constructed from stainless steel and high-density, opaque plastic; and its dual vacuum-secured, air-tight silicone seals ensure that light won’t leak in.


Reducing the amount of oxygen inside of your storage device is one of the best ways to keep your product potent and safe from harmful mold and bacteria.

Oxygen is second only to light in reducing levels  most active components – and bacteria and mold can’t grow without it.

SneakGuard’s built-in vacuum system protects from both loss of potency and the growth of organic contaminants by eliminating oxygen from the interior of the unit, while the dual air-tight seals guard against the intrusion of outside air. In addition, the integrated pressure offers peace of mind by allowing you to verify the integrity of the seal at any time.


When it comes to humidity,  If it’s too low medicinal properties and aroma will diminish. Too much humidity, on the other hand, can promote the formation of harmful bacteria and mold.

SneakGuard eliminates humidity-related problems by incorporating reservoirs designed to hold INTEGRA BOOST Humidiccant control packets (sold separately), which maintain relative humidity inside of the device within the optimal range.

SneakGuard’s double-insulated, vacuum sealed, air-tight construction keeps external air out and provides a stable storage environment and because It’s BPA free and food safe, SneakGuard can be safely stored in the refrigerator.


While it’s virtually impossible to keep your  material from being moved or coming into contact with any surface, SneakGuard’s configurable dividers allow the user to adjust the size of the storage area to the volume of the material being stored, which can inhibit movement and friction.


While SneakGuard provides the optimal storage environment for herbal medicine, it’s also ideal for safe, responsible storage of prescription medications or any smaller items that would benefit from being stored in a secure, vacuum sealed, air-tight, humidity-controlled environment.'

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Sneak Guard locking storage/humiditry control container

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