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SMOK Stick Prince Baby Vape Kit.
3.2 Inches tall and 2000 mah makes the Stick Prince Baby small and powerfull.  The TFV12 Baby P..
Critter Hand Pipes
These critter hand pipes are stand out.  Each one has a 3 eyed lizard wrapped around them. ..
Smok Stick M17 All in One Kit.
This is a really nice all in one vape.  The Stick M17 from Smok has a 1300 mah battery and a st..
Medicali Medium Hammer Style Bubbler.
The Medicali Hammer Style Medium Bubbler has a reinforced, 4 slit stem for maximum Perculation. ..
G Pen Gio for Liquids Battery
The G Pen Gio Battery is designed to work with G Pen Gio Cartridges.  The design is sleek and f..
Roor Tech Fixed Meniscus Tube with Rasta Label.
The Meniscus Perc on this RooR Tech tube helps to increase the smokes surface area that helps c..
RooR Crown Series. 14" and 18".
RooR has been a trailblazer of amazing water pipes.  Started in Germany in 1995, RooR only cont..
RooR Tech Fixed Meniscus Tube with Lemon Yellow LIp and Foot Wrap.
This water pipe from RooR Tech has a really nice feature in the fixed meniscus perc.  This perc..

Docs Smokeshop