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Under $100

Under $100

Quality glass waterpipes for under $100 at Docs smokeshop

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Cheech and Chong water pipe  Sgt. Stedenko. 8"
Cheech and Chong's Sgt. Stedenko Water Pipe by Famous Brandz. 14 mm with Shower Head Diffused Stem. ..
Cheech and Chong Water Pipe. Strawberry. 7.25"
Buy Cheech and Chong Water Pipes at Doc's Smokeshop. Strawberry, Cheech and Chong Water Pipe by F..
Envy Glass Mini Banger Rig.  Available in Red or Green.
Envy Glass Mini Banger Rig.  Super simple to use banger rig from Envy Glass.  Approximatel..
Eyce Mold Ice Pipe.
The ice water pipe The unique design of the Eyce 2.0 delivers an unparalleled smoking exper..
HVY Mini Raked Tubes. Availalb in Straight or Beaker Bottom.
Great mini straight or beaker bottom tube with raking on the bottom and the top of the 38 mm glass..
Hvy mini straight fumed
Great mini straight waterpipe by HVY glass. 10" high, fumed foot, fumed rim, fumed body. Comes with ..
Water Pipe by New Amsterdam
New Amsterdam Owl Bubbler.  White lip wrap and foot. 2 Chamber. Blue accented Shower perc. 14 m..
Water Pipe clear straight  .
Clear straight tube water pipe.  18/14 diffused down stem for extra filtration.  14mm glas..
Water Pipe, 14mm. asst colors
14mm Water pipe with foot and lip wrap with ice pinch. Available in Blue, green, brown, white or pin..
Water Pipe. 2 Chamber with Ice Catch
Water Pipe. 2 Chamber with Ice Catch. colors with white criss crossing.  14mm stem with bowl at..
HVY mini beaker fumed
Mini Fumed beaker bottom tube by HVY glass. 18/14 glass on glass, 18/14 diffused down stem. Ice pinc..