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Bubba Kush- You will definitely love this long-lasting Indica strain. This classic Kush strain will certainly get the best out of you, letting you lose track of time as those hints of sweet and earthy flavors will induce those deep waves of full-body stone. Whether you are a user or a grower, there is no doubt that you will love the Bubba Kush feminized strain. It is easy to grow, with the capability of relieving pain, while eliminating insomnia. You will no doubt agree that the Kush family is one of the best out there in the marijuana world, which makes the Bubba Kush one of the most popular strains that you can have these days.

Area 51-As of April 2022, rogue cannabis agencies working with NSA, FBI, and the CIA are now able to release Area 51 Fruitz to the public. This top-secret cannabis strain was bred with an extraterrestrial Sativa labeled as a top secret space grow project for intermediate growers. A vibrant green buds covered in out-of-this-world trichomes. With hints of papaya, tropical fruit this variety of plants will give you a moderate yield leaving you uplifted and ready to take on this world!

White Widow Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds-

White Widow autoflowering provides the iconic characteristics of White Widow into the ease of autoflowering. The strain is a hybrid with 65 percent indica genetics and 35 percent sativa genetics, making it an indica dominated hybrid.

Widow White Autoflower isn’t very high compare to other strains that have been selectively bred to produce large amounts of THC. As a result, it’s a pleasant, calming, and functional smoke. It’s the kind of strain that can be taken during the day while doing various activities without getting the consumer into an overwhelming situation as other more potent strains can.

Agent Orange Feminized Seeds`Agent Orange Feminized Marijuana seeds is a well-balanced hybrid that has been shown to boost mood, alleviate tension, make you friendly, relieve various pains, and have few side effects. Beginner and veteran casual smokers, as well as medicinal users, adore her for everything she has to do. It mostly looks like its indica lineage. It produces enormous flat colas that emit a fruity aroma. When the night temperature gets colder, it becomes violet. The buds are deep green, and the bright orange pistils accentuate them.

Amnesia Haze Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Indulge yourself to the famous characteristics of the Amnesia Haze Autoflower strain. Expand your mind even further as you enjoy the best that this cup-winner strain from Holland can offer. Enjoy this uplifting Sativa as it helps in easing your anxiety, alleviating your headaches, and even sparking that creative punch inside you. As the marijuana lover that you are, you certainly deserve a strain that offers the best characteristics in the cannabis world. Try the Amnesia Haze Autoflower strain out and you will definitely feel the amnesia creeping in – a positive high!

Strawberry Cough Feminized Seeds Strawberry Cough Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain that is easy to grow and has a distinctive, colorful appearance. It has a high THC content of 25%, which makes you feel energized, concentrated, uplifted, and comfortable. Its flowering period is 10 to 12 weeks and produces berry, earthy, spicy, honey, and strawberry-flavored yields. Strawberry Cough Marijuana Seeds can provide you with a very soothing and calming sensation. Strawberry Cough Feminized Marijuana Seeds is said to be the product of Old School Haze, Eardbeer, and Strawberry Fields coming together. Strawberry Cough has a strong sweet strawberry fragrance and tastes with tropical earth undertones, as its name implies. More importantly, its results are ideal treatments for anxiety, tension, and even depression. Strawberry Cough Feminized Marijuana Seeds is best eaten during the day because it encourages users to be creative and happy. Strawberry Cough’s lightweight but highly potent buds, which are covered in red hairs and moist trichomes and very reminiscent of strawberries, can already be enjoyed after just eight weeks.

Green Crack Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Heard about the Green Crack Feminized strain? There’s nothing short of excitement offered by this strain as it is named by none other than the famous Snoop Dogg himself. Looking for that intense body high that is promised by this strain? Why not try it for yourself! With an interesting combination of spice and lemon hints, you can expect that a little can go a long way with this spacey yet smooth strain. You will surely be delighted to see the robust plants growing fast, which means that you need to get ready for a very interesting gathering at harvest time!

Black Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Our purest Indica strain is ideal for relaxing and social activities. Black Indica is a short and stalky plant with wide leaves that is ideal for medical purposes such as insomnia and mild pain relief. With moderate levels of THC and a relaxed high, this fast-finishing Indica is ideal for beginners. Feminized Black Indica marijuana seeds are easy to grow and will do well in both indoor and outdoor grow setups. This strain flowers around 8 weeks and can produce a high yield if grown well with the proper growing method, soil, nutrients, light, and water. If you want to kick back after a stressful day of work, grab some of this Black Indica bud and get ready to relax.

Candy Cane Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Get ready to be impressed with the capabilities of the Candy Cane Autoflower strain! This strain is designed to bring out that little child in you. Candies – what else do you expect? There’s no need to outgrow those favorite sweet treats, as the Candy Cane Autoflower variety is not just nice and delicious, but it offers more in terms of effects. If you love fast, then this strain will give you the fast-acting effects, even giving you a highly intense experience. With a high THC level, you will surely feel euphoria bringing you up!

CB Autoflowering Cheese Marijuana Seeds

Our fast flowering medical CBD strain has arrived in Cheese form. This famous European strain known for its cheesy characteristic has now been turned into feminized auto-flowering gold. We’ve lowered the THC (8%) and upped the CBD (8%) so you will get a 1:1 ratio in this fast flowering, indica-dominant strain.

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