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Rigs for concentrates.

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Rig by Hamm's Waterworks. Sapphire Prism Recycler
Hamm's Waterworks Sapphire Prism Recycler.  18mm. Hamm’s Waterworks Glass - Trichom..
Rig by Hoobs. 14 mm, Worked. Triple Trophy Percs.
Buy Hoobs Glass at Doc's. Rig by Hoobs. 14 mm, Worked. Triple Trophy Percs.  9 verticle arms..
Rig by Hoobs. 14mm, Double Trophy Percs.
Buy Hoobs Tubes at Doc's. 14 mm Hoobs rig.  Double Trophy Percs. 6 verticle arms provide inc..
Rig by Purr (black)
Purr Pocket Sherlock. Comes with lock in place stand (perfect for clumsy friends or family), jar, ST..
Rig by Rusty Glass.
by Rusty Glass. Mushroom Marble on the back. Red rimmed. 10 ml. Docs Smokeshop. Best shop in Ba..
Road Runner air cooled dry rig
There are many traditional stories about the Road Runner, the king of birds. These sacred medicine b..
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ROOR Tech Recycler Rig
ROOR Tech Recycler Rig.  Rock candy perc-TRF flush recycler with slit inline style perc 14 m..
Silicone Nectar Collector with Titanium Nail.
How many times have you gone to use your rig and broken either the nail/banger/castle or the entire ..
Snic and Kuhns vapor swing
14 mm Vapor Swing by Snic Barnes and Ryan Kuhns.  Black, Bell design electroformed with copper...
Snic rig
Snic electroformed rig. 10mm. Snic Barnes draws inspiration from technological advancement, urban..
Snic rig electroformed
Snic electroformed orange rig. 10 mm. Snic Barnes draws inspiration from technological advancemen..
Team Death Star and Hit Man mini rig
Mini Recycler Team DeathStar and Hitman Glass Hitman Logo on the rear Fixed 10mm Male joint..
Theo Keller  (Huxtable) rig
Theo Keller Rig.  10 Mil.  Amazing detail. Theo Keller developed a taste for fine art..
Toro froth perc
Toro Macro Internal Stemless Froth. 14 mm.  Purple rain Lip and foot wrap. Direct Inject. ..
Toro tripline
Toro Tripline with Elvis Red Wrap.  Direct inject. 14mm. Docs Smokeshop. Best shop in Balt..