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Hand Pipe

Hand Pipe

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Chameleon Dog Bone
Buy Chameleon Glass at Doc's. Chameleon Dog Bone Pipe.  Support your local  animal r..
Chillum by Medicali
Medicali chillum. asst colors   Docs Smokeshop. Best headshop in Baltimore. Great selec..
Chillum by Medicali
Buy Medicali at Doc's. Medicali chillum.  available with gold script and fuming OR  ..
Chillum by Multi Verse. Green Fumed.
Buy Multi Verse Glass at Doc's. Chillum by Multi Verse. Green Fumed. Docs Smokeshop. Best Sm..
Chillum by Scott Bennet
Buy Scott Bennet Glass at Doc's. Electroformed Chillum by Scott Bennet. Beautiful wrap with a chu..
Critter Hand Pipe By Jellyfish Glass
Get your American Glass and other gifts and accessories at Doc's Smokeshop in Baltimore, Md. Docs..
Critter Hand Pipes
These critter hand pipes are stand out.  Each one has a 3 eyed lizard wrapped around them. ..
Dot Stack, Horned Hand Pipe.
Slime green hand pipe.  Dot stack design on the front of the bowl in blue with darker dichro. P..
Dug Out asst sizes
Dug out.  One compartment for your tobacco and another for your metal bat.  Pocket friendl..
Frit Hand Pipes by Revlock Glass.
These Frit hand pipes from Revlock Glass are beautiful!  They look like swirled paint brought t..
Frit Hand Pipes by Revlock Glass.  Solid Frit Colors.
Solid frit hand pipes by Revlock Glass.  Thick with left sided carbs.  4 colors to choose ..
Fumed Hand Pipes by Multiverse Glass.
Fumed hand pipes by Multiverse Glass.  Fumed swirls throughout the pipes encased in thick glass..
Grav Helix Multi Bubbler 3-in-1
This smallish Bubbler does big things!  The Helix is known for it's tornado cooling for smooth,..
Sale Hand Pipe by Chameleon Glass~~~SOLD
Larger hand pipe by Chameleon Glass. Blue and yellow swirls with black dhicro throughout. Doc..
$199.99 $109.00
Hand Pipe by Dan Knowles.
Beautiful hand pipe by Dan Knowles.  Looks like bright waves of a galaxy meeting a black hole.&..