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One of a kind artist pieces

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14 mm Worked Lodi Slide.
Wig wag and swirl design in red, blue,green and white, make up the outside funnel of this sharp look..
AJ 14mm Worked Slide.
The wig wag design on this 14mm slide is a cool mix of purple, blue and green. Adorned with 8 differ..
Sale Ash Catcher  by Artie.
Ash catcher by Artie. Horns, green and blue detailing. Inline diffusion. 14 MIl This piece is design..
$659.99 $399.00
Sale Bubbler by JOP. Colonel Sanderz
Buy JOP at Doc's. Vintage JOP Colonel Sanderz Bubbler.  Made for a righty or a lefty.  ..
$1,900.00 $1,499.00
Sale Bubbler by Shad
Buy Shad Glass at Doc's. 2010ish Shad Barnacle Bubbler.  So much work in this magnificent pi..
$499.99 $399.00
Bubbler by Shad~~~SOLD
Heady, fully worked bubbler. Truly one of a kind. SOLD   Docs Smokeshop. Best Smokes..
Calvin 18mm Slide.
18mm Glass slide by Calvin.  Purple, green and white wig wag design with opal and flower mili.&..
Calvin Mickle 18mm Slide.
With every turn of this slide, you see one optical illusion leading into another.  It's almost ..
Sale Collab by pyrology
Buy Pyrology and EF Norris at Doc's. A beautiful collab between EF Norris and Pyrology. Function ..
$3,499.00 $2,699.00
Sale Hand Pipe by Dan P
Spectacular spoon by Dan P.  Beautifully fumed.  Aztec Sun design on head. Docs Smoke..
$125.00 $89.99
Sale Hand Pipe by Dellene Peralta
This is a vintage High Heel by Dellene Peralta. One of the only female glass artists in "Degenerate ..
$189.00 $149.00
Hand Pipe By Salt Glass
Salt Hand Pipe.  This pipe is the kind that beautiful nightmares are made of. Signed by artist...
Hand Pipe by Slinger. Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn, Assault Girl Handpipe by Slinger. Slinger Glass Docs Smokeshop. Best Smokeshop..
Sale Hand Pipe by Zach Puchowitz (Zach P)
Signed Zach P. 2010.  Black and white hand pipe. Docs Smokeshop. Best Smokeshop in Balti..
$249.00 $199.99
Hops Inline Bubblers. Heart and Morton's Salt Girl and Morton's Salt Girl and Lady Justice.
2 highly collectible bubblers from HOPS Glass. Both are beautifully sand blasted.  One is Blast..