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disclaimer on the hello kitty slide
The Hello Kitty items previously promoted here were not authorized by Sanrio. These products have been discontinued, and all orders have been cancelled.

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 Mako Vapor Dome 18 mm
Mako Vapor Dome. 18 mm. Docs Smokeshop. Best Smokeshop in Baltimore. Best Vaporizers in Baltimo..
 RooR rolling tray
RooR Glass rolling tray.  10" by 6" and 5ml thick.  One of the many great things about thi..
14 mm Worked Lodi Slide.
Wig wag and swirl design in red, blue,green and white, make up the outside funnel of this sharp look..
14mm Female Slide.
14mm Female Slide ..
AJ 14mm Worked Slide.
The wig wag design on this 14mm slide is a cool mix of purple, blue and green. Adorned with 8 differ..
Ash Catcher by Brandon. Worked, 14 mm.
14 mm, worked ash catcher by Brandon. Diffused down stem. Docs Smokeshop. Best Smokeshop in B..
Ash Catcher by Fat Head
18 mm Ash Catcher by Fat Head.  This is a piece that makes a statement.  I Have good taste..
Ash Catcher by Krave 14 mm.
Ash Catcher 14 mm (small) Clear with 6 Arm Tree Percs. Or Shower Head Perc. 90 degree fitting ..
Ash Catcher by Medicali. 18//18 and 18/14 Available.
Buy Medicali at Doc's. Ash Catcher by Medicali.  Rasta detail with Tree Percs in 18/18 or Bl..
Ash Catcher by Medicali. 18/14 mm
Medicali ash catcher. Rasta label, gold script , or green label available Nice thick diffused ..
Sale Ash Catcher by Sheldon Black
Sheldon Black. 14mm Male to 18mm female. Direct inject. Globe and nail included     ..
$159.99 $99.00
Ash Catcher Clear with 11 Arm Tree Percs
Buy Ash Catcher at Doc's. Ash Catcher Clear with 11 Arm Tree Percs. available in 14mm (small) or ..
Ash Catcher. 14mm. Male to Female Joint.
Buy Ash Catchers at Doc's. 14 mm Ash catcher with female and male joint.  Double disc diffus..
boldtbags 1 Gallon 3 Bag Kit
Buy Boldtbags at Doc's. boldtbags 1 Gallon 3 Bag Kit   – Comes with one of each: 220, ..
Boveda Humidity Control Large
Buy Boveda at Doc's. Boveda knows 2-way humidity control for packages and containers. We invented..