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disclaimer on the hello kitty slide
The Hello Kitty items previously promoted here were not authorized by Sanrio. These products have been discontinued, and all orders have been cancelled.

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Boldtbags Pressing Filter. 1 X 1. 25 Micron
Boldtbags Pressing Filter.  1 X 1. 25 Micron. Commercial grade high quality construction. ..
Boldtbags Rosin Bag Filters Available in 2x3, 3x4 and 4x5
Boldtbags Rosin Filter Bags Available in 2 X 3, 3 X 4 and 4 X 5.  All in 25 Micron 10 packs.&nb..
Boveda Humidity Control Large
Buy Boveda at Doc's. Boveda knows 2-way humidity control for packages and containers. We invented..
Boveda Humidity Control Small
Buy Boveda at Doc's. Boveda knows 2-way humidity control for packages and containers. We invented..
Box Fan Slide and Hand Made Wooden Stand.  As Is.
14 mm dragon slide and hand made wooden stand.  The dragon is damaged, broken horn and jaw (he'..
Calvin 18mm Slide Signed
18mm Glass slide by Calvin.  Purple, green and white wig wag design with opal and flower mili.&..
Calvin Mickle 18mm Slide.
With every turn of this slide, you see one optical illusion leading into another.  It's almost ..
Case by Vatra. Padded. DDK 8"
Buy Vatra at Doc's. Protect your valuable glass. Buy a protective case to keep all your glass and..
CVault Humidor Storage Container.
CVault Humidor Storage Container.  Available in small, medium, large and 2 liter.  These c..
Sale David Umbs Globe
Buy Umbs Glass at Doc's. asst colors available David Umbs 90*, 14mm globe set up.  Nail i..
$99.99 $49.99
Sale David Umbs Red/Yellow Vapor Swing asst swings
Buy Umbs Glass at Doc's. David Umbs Red/Yellow Vapor Swing. 14 mm. asst swings by Umbs on sale..
$89.99 $45.00
Decarb box by Magical Butter
This decarb device with integrated digital thermometer lets you easily calibrate your oven f..
Doc's Jars
Doc's jars with a great seal. Sizes x-small, small, medium and large.  Great for storage of dry..
Dog Collar by Heady Pets. CannaCamo. Available in Small or Medium.
Great looking dog collar with matching leash. grren leafs all over shows your support for the medica..
Dog Leash by Heady Pets. CannaCamo in Small or Large.
Buy Heady Pets at Doc's. Have the coolest dog in town!! Heady pets collars are adjustable with a ..