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disclaimer on the hello kitty slide
The Hello Kitty items previously promoted here were not authorized by Sanrio. These products have been discontinued, and all orders have been cancelled.

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Raw Bamboo Mat large and small
 Giant now in stock!!  37" x 47"  your choice. Hang on wall or use on floor! Long las..
Raw Girl Rolling Tray. Available in Small or Large.
Raw Girl Rolling Tray. Who doesn't like a little help with rolling from a cute "smoking" chick? ..
Raw Open/Closed Sign.
Raw Open/Closed sign. Cone on in. Thanks for Coning ;) Hehehehe! Docs Smokeshop. Best Smokeshop..
Raw Socks
RAW have joined forces with ODD SOX to release the purest form of comfort and style with these Raw..
RAW Trappkit. Black. Smell Proof, Water Proof.
The RAW Rolling Papers x Trappkit is your ultimate smokers journey kit. Not only does it&n..
Revlock Glass Directional Carb Caps. Available in Solid Color or Frit.
Revlock Glass Directional Carb Caps. Available in Solid Colors Blue, Clear and Fumed.  Frit col..
Rolling High 18 mm Slide.
18mm slide from Rolling High.  Stone with teeth? Teeth controling stone?  The interpretati..
Rolling tray by Raw  (Large/Small, x tra small)
Large Raw Tray; Approx 13.375  by  10.875 inches. Small Raw Tray: Approx 10.75  by..
RooR Spliff Adapter 18 mm
collectable Roor item 18 mm RooR spliff adapter.   An excellent addition to any ..
Screened Slide in 14mm or 18mm
14mm or 18mm Screened Honeycomb Slide. Available in an array of colors.  No more worrying ..
Shotgun Carb for Tobacco Master.
Shotgun carb for Tobacco Master waterpipes. Get your Tobacco Master water pipes and accessories..
Skillet Tools Flexy.
Flexy  tool by Skillet Tools. Docs Smokeshop. Best shop in Baltimore. Best Vaporizers in..
Skillet Tools HoneyBun.
Classic Honeybun features 2 tools in 1 Docs Smokeshop. Best in Baltimore. Best Vaporizers in ..
Skillet Tools Travel Kit
Skilletools Travel Kit The Skilletools Travel Kit is now available. We wanted a smaller and..
Skunk Combination Lock Duffle Bag  Size Medium.
Skunk Smell Proof Duffle Bag .  This bag is necessary if you travel.  You can fit your fav..