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disclaimer on the hello kitty slide
The Hello Kitty items previously promoted here were not authorized by Sanrio. These products have been discontinued, and all orders have been cancelled.

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Skunk Combination Lock Duffle Bag. Size Small. Available in Green, Black or Gray.
Small Skunk Smell Proof Duffle Bag with Combination lock.  Perfect to tote your favorite bubble..
Skunk Smell Proof Backpack and Extra Large Cross Body Bag by Skunk guard with combo lock
Smell proof, water proof backpack and Extra Large Cross Body Bag by Skunkguard.  Velcro Strap p..
Skunk Smell Proof Duffle Bag.  Hybrid.
This duffle is perfect for camping, concerts or any other fun travel situation.  If you just wa..
Skunk Smell Proof Hipster Bag
Traveling and need a nicely sized, (not to big, not to small) smell proof bag?  The Hipster Bag..
Skunk Smell Proof Hybrid Duffel Bags in Large and XL
If you want to run with the big boys....you have to have one of these.  100% smell and water pr..
Skunk Smell Proof Pilot Bag.
Skunk Smell Proof Pilot Bag.  10" x 10" x 5".  This bag is perfect for "natural smelling" ..
Skunk smell proof pouch by Skunk guard
Skunkguard 7 x 11 Travel Case.  Water and smell proof. How many times do you open your bag o..
Skunk smell proof pouch by Skunk guard
You can call it the  “Pocket Safe” case.  Small and portable with full odorless power and ..
Skunk smell proof pouch by Skunk guard
When you need that little extra space and have plenty to pack, look no further. Travel Pro is the pe..
Skunk smell proof pouch by Skunk Guard.
Compact smell proof case comes in all black, black with orange trim or balck with blue trim. With..
Skunk Smell Proof Sling Bag.
The Skunk Sling Bag is great for work or play.  Premium carbon lining keeps all your smelly sec..
Skunk Smell Proof, Lockable Mini Backpack.
If you wanted to own a Skunk smellproof backpack but were a bit weary about the size.....They now ha..
Skunkguard Mr. Slick Smell Proof Pouch with Double Velcro.
Throw this pouch in a bag or under your arm and take it anywhere.  Slim, discreet and not bulky..
Skunkguard Smell Proof SideKick Case.
Easy to carry and compact enough to store just about anywhere.  Combination lock keeps prying e..
Slick Sheet by OIl Slick. 48" x 16" PTFE Roll.
Product Info A disposable alternative to parchment paper; the Slick™ Sheet is a laboratory grade ..