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disclaimer on the hello kitty slide
The Hello Kitty items previously promoted here were not authorized by Sanrio. These products have been discontinued, and all orders have been cancelled.

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Slide by TFunk
TFunk fillacello slide.  14 mm. Fantastic man eating claws. Docs Smokeshop. Best shop in B..
Slide. 14mm. Female Screened Bowl
14mm Female Screened Bowl.   Docs Smokeshop. Best Smokeshop in Baltimore. Best Vaporize..
Slide. Standard 9 mm.
Standard Slide 9 mm. Docs Smokeshop. Best shop in Baltimore. Great selection of pipes,  vapori..
Smelly Proof Clear Storage Bags. Available in Small,  Medium, Large and Extra Large.
Smelly Proof clear storage bags. Available in small, medium, large and extra large. Keep Odors ..
Sneak Guard locking storage/humiditry control container
The SneakGuard CombiFresh takes the stash container to a whole new level by integrating security, ..
Snic and Kuhns vapor swing
14 mm Vapor Swing by Snic Barnes and Ryan Kuhns.  Black, Bell design electroformed with copper...
Space Case 2 Piece Grinder. Small.
The small, 2 piece grinder by Space Case is one of the smoothest grinders you will ever use thanks t..
Space Case 4 Piece Grinder. Small.
The Space Case's smooth threading and teflon grade O rings are what smooth grinding dreams are made ..
Team Death Star Carb Cap and Stick
Team Death Star Carb Cap and Stick. Storm Trooper Bee millefiori. Docs Smokeshop. Best Smokes..
Team Death Star Carb Cap and Stick.
Team Death Star Carb Cap and Stick. Storm Trooper Bee Millefiori. Docs Smokeshop. Best Smokesho..
Tobacco Master Replacement Kit.
Tobacco Master Replacement Kit. Comes with replacement wooden bowl with carb.  Replacement meta..
Tobacco Master Replacement Stem
Replacement Stem for Tobacco Master. Available in 2 sizes  The 5" stem fits the 12 " and 15" to..
Twisty Blunt by 7 Pipe
PERFECT GIFT!!! Easily pack up to 1.5 grams r into the glass tube and twist the screw counter-clo..
RooR Cypress Hill Phuncky Feel Tips. *Worked tips available in store*
Cypress Hill's Phuncky Feel Tips were created to provide avid smokers with a new, refined method and..