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O.pen Go.Pen Plus Replacement Ceramic Heating Element

O.pen Go.Pen Plus Replacement Ceramic Heating Element

Availability: 1
Brand: O.Pen Vape
Product Code: Go.Pen Replacement Ceramic Atomizer
Reward Points: 13
Product viewed: 839
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The dual coil ceramic atomizer is the heating coil that vaporizes the essential oil in your go.pen or go.pen Plus. To use the atomizer, simply remove the mouthpiece of your go.pen or go.pen Plus, remove the old atomizer and install the new one. It's that easy. 

Each go.pen Plus ceramic atomizer has a heating wire resistance of 2.3 - 2.6 OHMs, which not only doubles the size of the vapor cloud, but uses less battery life to vape your oil and produce the perfect puff every time.

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