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Source Vapes Slim 3 Travel Kits

Source Vapes Slim 3 Travel Kits

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Experience True Taste

The SOURCE orb slim portable vaporizer offers a sleek and versatile alternative to the SOURCE orb 3 vape pen with an exclusive variable airflow system that allows you to moderate the airflow for a tailored experience. 

Experience True Airflow

The new SOURCE orb slim attachment features a new revolutionary variable airflow system that allows users to increase or decrease the airflow, depending on user preference. 

Experience True Portability

The SOURCE orb slim Travel Kit is the perfect way to enjoy your concentrates on the go.

At only 5 inches wide and less than 3 inches high, the Travel Case is perfect to fit your SOURCE orb slim, battery, and 2 Quartz Atomizers comfortably in your pocket, purse, or backpack. 

The SOURCE orb 3 Travel Kit comes with an adjustable voltage battery with 8 different settings from 3.2v to 4.8v. This allows users the freedom to choose their perfect temperature and desired hits. 

We recommend using SOURCEvapes batteries for best results with SOURCE terra atomizers. These batteries have been modified to pair perfectly with our SOURCE terra atomizers.

New Atomizers, Deeper Bowls, and Quartz Crystals

SOURCE orb slim comes with our new SOURCE orb 3 atomizers, and also works with SOURCE orb v2 atomizers. 
SOURCE orb 3 atomizers have also been redesigned to provide a larger more efficient atomizer bowl. SOURCE orb 3 atomizers are now 20% deeper and have twice the capacity as the v2 atomizers.
After months of research and customer feedback, SOURCEvapes has designed three new Quartz Atomizers. These atomizers are the first and only to use Quartz instead of traditional ceramic. These new atomizers will be available in Single Coil, Double Coil, and SOURCE terraThe clean nature of Quartz crystals allows users to get a clean smooth flavorful hit every time.
The SOURCE terra atomizer is a completely ceramic heating element that uses a ceramic donut instead of metal coils. SOURCE terra reaches a max temperature of  240°C - 280°C/464°F - 536 °F (compared to 380°C - 450°C/716°F - 842°F with our Double Coil atomizers) to deliver better tasting hits.
SOURCEvapes - About Us

Experience True Taste

SOURCEvapes® transforms your vaporizing experience into a sophisticated sensory journey, because true elegance comes from all of your senses.

When you vaporize the most delicious concentrates and flower, you know they've been designed to please your comfort and your style, but SOURCEvapes® adds a new dimension to your experience.

Our products transport you, relax you, and envelop you in true luxury.

Sensory Satisfaction Guaranteed 

You expect the best, so we offer nothing less.

SOURCEvapes® atomizers offer a one-of-a-kind experience. To guarantee the purest taste, we only use the best materials, including Quartz, and we offer the highest quality at the most competitive prices. 

All of our Titanium coils are tested in the USA for purity and coil composition.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee makes sure you're always happy with your purchase, even when you're not. All of our products are covered with a No-Hassle Warranty that covers every part of our products


Docs Smokeshop. Best shop in Baltimore. Great selection of pipes,  vaporizers, and accessories.




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