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Silika Slime Green Pendant Rig
Silika Rasta Inline Pendant Rig.  10 Mil with Born on Date. ..
Dynomite Dog Hand Pipe
Dynomite Dog Hand Pipe.  Cute floppy ears and spike collar.  fumed. ..
Dynomite Cat Hand Pipe
Dynomite Cat Hand Pipe. Fumed for color changing ..
Lab Rat Purple Dichroic Pipe
Lab Rat Purple Dichroic pipe.  Blue, teal, purple and black swirls throughout.  Amazing pu..
Vaporite Ruby
Product Features: One-Button Activation 5-Click Lock/Unlock Mechanism Compatible with Waxy..
Mav Shower head Barrel
Mav Shower head barrel.  10mm with 10mm ceramic domeless nail. Shower head perc.  Barrel m..
New Dynasty Glass Hand Pipe Purple Flowers
New Dynasty Glass Purple Flower hand pipe.  Small and whimsical. ..
Mav Vapor Bubbler
Mav Vapor Bubbler. Shower perc. 14mm. Domeless 14mm ceramic nail. ..

Docs Smokeshop