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Rig by Micro
Micro rig.  10 mm. Slime green foot and lip wrap.  Frit diffusion. Docs Smokeshop. Best..
Rig by Empire Glassworks
Empire Glassworks Under the Sea Rig.   10 mm. Quartz Banger and carb cap with a turtle. ..
Rig by Micro
14 mm rig by Micro.  Honeycomb diffusion.   Docs Smokeshop. Best headshop in Baltimore...
Ash Catcher.  Available in 18 or 14
Diffused ash catcher.  Available in 18 or 14.  90 degree.     Docs Smoke..
Rig. Clear
Clear rig. 18 mm.   Docs Smokeshop. Best headshop in Baltimore. Great selection of pipes, bo..
Water Pipe by HVY
HVY Straight tube.  14 mm. Ice catch. Diffused Stem.   Docs Smokeshop. Best headshop in..
Water Pipe by HVY
Beaker Bottom Water Pipe by HVY.  14mm. diffused stem. Ice Catch.   Docs Smokeshop. Bes..
Roztek Equinox
Gone are the days of volatile gases used for herbal extractions. No more explosions,  no more q..

Docs Smokeshop