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Green Hand Pipe with Flat Mouthpiece.
No rolling off of tables or night stands with this pipe.  The flat mouthpiece keeps it stable a..
Fumed Bubbler With Twisted Design.
This bubbler is one big twist.  From the twists of color runnig through it to the twisted handl..
Hand Pipe by RevLock Glass.
Revlock glass is American glass.  Blown in New York.  Thick borosilicate glass blown ..
Sale14mm Worked Slide by Brandon.
14mm Worked slide by Brandon.  This slide has a larger sized bowl making it great for sharing w..
$109.99 $69.00
Envy Stemline Pop rocks Design with Frit Perc. Available in Green or Red.
Envy Stemline Pop rocks Design with Frit Perc. Envy is based and made in California using Boro Shott..
Smok Alien Kit.
The Alien Kit by Smok is simply out of this world.  The Alien is easy to hold thanks to it's no..
Exxus Mini Vaporizer.
Finding a small vaporizer that also happens to work wonderfully doesn't have to be a daunting task a..
Revlock Glass Directional Carb Caps.
Revlock Glass Directional Carb Caps. Available in Red, blue, clear and fumed. Get your Revlock Gl..

Docs Smokeshop