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Rust Yellow Rig
Yellow Rig by Rusty Glass. 10 ml. Yellow mushroom marble. Perfect little indiscreet rig. ..
Rusty Red Rig
Rig by Rusty Glass. Mushroom Marble on the back. Red rimmed. 10 ml. ..
Argyle Spoon
Pink, Black and White Argyle designed spoon. Sweet flower on the head.  Sits very sturdy so it'..
Dan P Blue Louisville Smoker
Dan P Blue Louisville Smoker. ..
Blue Eyed Chillum by Refresh
Blue Eyed Chillum by Refresh.  Freaky, cool white Chillum with blue eye and blue nubs. ..
Easter Island Chillum by Rise
Ever wanted  some interesting culture in your pocket?  Easter Island Chillum by Rise can h..
K 9 Saint Bernard Rig
K 9 Saint Bernard.  Triple ratchet percs. 18 ml. Great rig, get a flower bowl and you've got an..
Louisville Smoker Chillum by Dan P
Louisville Smoker Chillum by Dan P. ..

Docs Smokeshop