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Bubbler by Daniel
Bubbler by Daniel.  Snorkel Carb. Slime green with a touch of Dhicro. ..
Brent Cook Inside out Dhicro Spoon
Inside out, dhicro spoon by Brent Cook. ..
Infamous Glass Shower Head Rig
Infamous Glass rig. Shower head perc.  18 mm. Glass nail included. ..
Silika Sherlock Bubbler
Silika Sherlock Bubbler. Shower head perc.  Born on 10/14 ..
Brent Cook Spoon
Beautiful inside out spoon by Brent Cook. ..
Green Goddess Bubbler
Green Goddess Bubbler. 14 mm. Diffused fixed stem. ..
Infamous Glass Side Car Rig
Infamous Glass side car rig.  14 mm. Diffused, fixed stem. ..
Brent Cook Octopus Spoon
Octopus Spoon by Brent Cook. ..

Docs Smokeshop