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Grav Labs Bubbler
Bubbler by Grav Labs. Simple, sleek and easy to use.  Flat foot keeps it steady. Carb on left.&..
Decorative Water Pipe.
Decorative Water Pipes.  Available in green or pink.  Each pipe has a "trees during winter..
Honeycomb Design Hand Pipe by Greenlite Glass.
Hand pipe by Greenlite Glass. Lighter blues and cream colors make a really neat honeycomb design on ..
Silicone Nectar Collector with Titanium Nail.
How many times have you gone to use your rig and broken either the nail/banger/castle or the entire ..
Mini Water Pipe.
These mini water pipes are no muss no fuss.  Small enough to hide away but big enough to filter..
Frit Sherlock by Multiverse.
Orange and blue frit sherlock by Multiverse.  The way the orange plays off the blue in this she..
Tobacco Master Replacement Kit.
Tobacco Master Replacement Kit. Comes with replacement wooden bowl with carb.  Replacement meta..
Fumed Hand Pipe with Dhicro Strip.
Hand pipe with strands of red, blue, yellow and green glass.  Fumed glass peeks out from undern..

Docs Smokeshop