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Hand pipe by empire bee hive
Beautiful bee hive themed hand pipe   Features: Borosilicate Glass with Dichroic Coati..
Rig by Pulse. Double Barrel to Inline to Disc.
Pulse Double Barrel to inline to disc perc. 18 mm. Though they may still be relative newcomers on..
Water Pipe by Medicali. 10" Upside Down Turbine Beaker.
A new 10″ Upside-down Beaker Turbine has become a favorite.The size is perfect for an everyday piece..
Chillum/pendant  by Empire Glassworks. Small Poke Flute.
Poke Flute chillum by Empire glassworks. Small and very portable at approximately 3 inches long and ..
Hand Pipe by Empire Glassworks. Rasta Pokemon.
Rasta themed Pokemon hand pipe by Empire GlassWorks. Empir∃ Glassworks was established in 2013 to..
Water Pipe by Medicali. 10" 8 Tree Perc Straight Tube. Orange Label
The Medicali Slime Micro 8Tree ST  has a unique variety of colors and percolators. This Sl..
Water Pipe by Q2
Freezie cool chambered water pipe by Q2.  Awesome honey comb, encompassed by bees in the middle..
Rig by Pulse. Double Barrel to Inline Recycler.
Pulse double barrel to inline recycler rig.  14 mm. hough they may still be relative newcome..

Docs Smokeshop