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Pyptek Dreamroller.
The Pyptek Dreamroller has all the benefits of a modern steamroller with the strength and design of ..
Dot Stack, Horned Hand Pipe.
Slime green hand pipe.  Dot stack design on the front of the bowl in blue with darker dichro. P..
Kokopelli Hand Pipe.
Who doesn't love a good Kokopelli detail? Green hand pipe turning to teal the farter up to the ..
Hand Pipe by Empire Glassworks. Butterfly.
Empire is known for their many animal and character designs.  This beautiful Hand pipe has a ve..
Zach Puchowitz 14mm Round Sketch Series Slide.
Zach Puchowitz 14mm round Sketch Series Slide.  White slide with sketches of eye's, stars, dagg..
Hand Pipe by Empire Glassworks. Glittery Butterfly.
This glittery butterfly hand pipe is pretty without being overly feminine. Light brown/gold design m..
Shaboink Pre-Roll Packs.
Shaboink is the first nationaly distributed celebrity hemp pre-roll brand.  The founder of Shab..
AJ 14mm Worked Slide.
The wig wag design on this 14mm slide is a cool mix of purple, blue and green. Adorned with 8 differ..

Docs Smokeshop