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Hubbard  14mm Faceted Slide.
This 14mm worked slide from Hubbard Glass is eye catching!  The rainbow pulls are bright while ..
Sale14mm Worked Slide by Brandon.
14mm Worked slide by Brandon.  This slide has a larger sized bowl making it great for sharing w..
$109.99 $69.00
CBDISTILLERY CBD Vape Cartridge. 200 mgs CBD. 0.5 ML (Available in Store or Order by Phone)
This 200mg GG#4 Disposable CBD Vape Pen is formulated using high-quality CBD, triple distilled ..
CBDISTILLERY CBD. 5000mg. 30ml Full Spectrum Tincture. (Available in Store or Order by Phone)
Always be prepared with this 30ml bottle of powerful CBD tincture. Twice the size of our 15ml bottle..
Piece Water Solution. 100% All Natural and Safe.
Piece Water Solution. 100% All Natural and Safe. Your water pipes amazing alternative to hard tap wa..
Calvin 18mm Slide.
18mm Glass slide by Calvin.  Purple, green and white wig wag design with opal and flower mili.&..
Home Blown Glass Worked Road Straw.  Air Cooled.
The Home Blown Glass Worked Road Straw is air cooled.  Needing only a simple dual or tripl..
Home Blown Glass Road Straw.  Air Cooled.
The Home Blown Glass Road Straw is a low temp, air cooled dab straw.  Easy to carry the straw a..

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