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Global Glassworks Sherlocks.
These Global Glassworks are swirls of interesting beauty.  Both pipes sit upright with no wobbl..
G Pen Elite Mouthpiece filter screen
5 G pen elite screens. Does not include mouthpiece ..( screens only)  ..
Hubbard Faceted 14mm Slide.
This Hubbard 14mm slide is stunning!  The blue color that wraps around the bottom and just unde..
Skunk Smell Proof, Lockable Mini Backpack.
If you wanted to own a Skunk smellproof backpack but were a bit weary about the size.....They now ha..
High Temp Huni Badger Tip.
Regardless of the viscosity of oil you are using, the Huni Badger High Temp Tip will vape it.  ..
The Kind Pen Discreet Vape
The Discreet Kind Pen comes with a 8 ml Ceramic wickless cartridge ready to be filled with your esse..
The Kind Pen Mist.
The Mist vape by Kind Pen is a small workhorse. 500 MAH battery. Wickless ceramic, 510 thread cartri..
Hops Inline Bubblers. Heart and Morton's Salt Girl and Morton's Salt Girl and Lady Justice.
2 highly collectible bubblers from HOPS Glass. Both are beautifully sand blasted.  One is Blast..

Docs Smokeshop