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Roor Downstem OG
orginal roor downstems. Available in 18/14 diffused. 18/14 regular and 14/14 diffused.  Plea..
Skunk Soho Black leather Back pack
SoHo-Black/Black Leather Skunks elite leather trimmed backpack. Keeps odors in! Discreet, 100%..
Ooze Glycerin  Chilled waterpipe
Ooze Glyco Glycerin Chilled Glass Water Pipe | 6.5" | 14mm F   Highlights 6.5 inche..
Quartz Banger by Whitney Harmon
Thermochromic Bucket The first color changing quartz bucket. Simply heat up till it's Red then le..
Austin & Kat No more Wiggles
CBD TREATS FOR THE NERVOUS/ANXIOUS DOGS Made to help Austin's nervous pal Bailey find peace and t..
Piecemaker Kirby Waterpipe
Available in the always popular Klassic Glow Green™ along with new favorites Miss Pinky™, Kotton Kan..
Skunk Weekender Bag Smellproof
Great looking weekend smell proof travel bag. Premium activated carbon lining for 100% smell pr..
Custom Rig/ Flower bubbler by Huffy
Docs Smokeshop. Best Smokeshop in Baltimore. Best Vaporizers in Baltimore. Great selection of pipes,..

Docs Smokeshop