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What is Delta 8?

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What is Delta 8??

Delta 8 is a new compound derived from CBD and Hemp which are both legal in the United States thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018. Most people have yet to hear about this awesome new product, but it is a way to stay away from Delta 9 THC, which is still illegal federally, and reap the benefits of cannabidiol. No medical card needed. 
So, if it’s legal, what does it do? It functions like a mix between CBD and THC. It has all the traditional feelings of THC but without the traditional super heady, stony high. When taken in high doses Delta 8 has less psychoactive properties than traditional THC. This gives you a version of the feeling without the cognitive suppression.

The feeling is often described by users as a great body high, but your mind stays active and clear. Imagine, getting all the properties of THC and still being able to function well throughout the entire experience. With Delta 8, you can enjoy the compound without the problems of a traditional THC high.