Hurricane water pipes

The Hurricanes have  6 air-jets, 3 legs, a flared lip, an odd stem and ash catcher setup and a carb.  The small vents or jets allow a small amount of fresh air in and makes the smoke swirl, similar to a hurricane. The spinning centrifugal action cools the smoke, making the Hurricane a very, very smooth pipe. All Hurricanes have 3 legs. These prevent the water pipe from being tipped forward. They also allow for the Hurricane to be tilted back. The lip is very ergonomic, a much better fit than the standard round mouth we typically see. The Hurricane uses an unusual double male down stem.   The ash catcher is  filled with water, but does not filter the smoke through it. The ash catcher collects the ash, and the water keeps the ash from being blown around or entering the main chamber of the Hurricane. The "dry" ash catcher allows the user to smoke through clean water every time; unlike regular ash catchers which filter the smoke through progressively dirtier water with each use. Every Hurricane has a carb. The Hurricane can use a lot of lung power, and this feature allows the user to clear the smoke quickly. 

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