Salt Hand Pipe.  This pipe is the kind that beautiful nightmares are made of. Signed by artist.

Salt began his flame working career in 2001 in his hometown of Austin, Texas. Initial focus was the creation of pipes where he collected different shapes, patterns and forms that are common to the market in order to develop his skills and knowledge base. In 2003 as the U.S. government deemed pipe making illegal, Salt was faced with a hard choice forcing him to abandon all that he knew, venturing into the unknown market of crafts and gifts. His next four years were spent grinding away for making rings, bracelets, bowls, plates, shot glasses, Christmas ornaments, and anything else he could imagine. Salt had developed a successful business and a diverse skill set, but was left feeling burned out.

After some soul searching, the decision was made to return to the pipe market, but this time the plan was to do things differently. Thus, Salt was born.

Over the last seven years, Salt has spent his time pioneering, developing and refining a sculptural approach to pipe making that has become commonly known as the “Salt Style.” This organic and evolution based style stands as a direct reflection of the hostile environment in which pipes become immersed. A Salt pipe is equipped to fight back, not only to defend itself from criticism and legal attack, but also to protect its owners from prosecution.

Salts’ work has featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal, Hot Breath Magazine, Glass Aficionado, The Flow Magazine, and have become a staple in countless other glass industry-based publications. Salt Glass continues to be one of the most highly recognizable iterations of glass pipes as an art medium, and can be found throughout thousands of collections worldwide.

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Salt Glass Hand pipe

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